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Feeling like you want to turn back time and replay moments.

Moments when times were simple, when you knew less…

When all you had to worry about was getting batteries for your Gameboy.

Because you played all day even when you had homework… school days.

Thinking back to the times when GameStop was the highlight of the week.

Everything wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t complex.

Life now, feels complex.

And that comes with age, but sometimes I wonder. For the kids, is it simple?

Schools shutting down, masks everywhere, angry voters…

There was a time when those things were out…

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You’re probably overthinking it.

What are you really scared of?

I mean I’ve been scared too.

I was scared to ask out my childhood crush Ciara to later find out she liked me too.

Okay, that’s some kid shit. But listen…

What I’m trying to say is being scared could mean something.

Cause I was scared when I left my girlfriend Ashley in Detroit to chase my dreams in California.

Man I mean, that’s just a couple of things…

But everything went how it needed to go.

When I went towards my fears life got better, I got better.


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How you see things, it’s not how I see things.

They will never always be the same, because we are not one in the same, everyone is unique.

There are differences in our experiences, who are parents were, and who we’ve met.

So the world, literally, is different for everyone.

But what’s crazy is perception is reality… for most people.

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Sad because the world is changing.

Sad because things didn’t go as I planned.

Sad because as the world changes, I change. And I’m already missing my old self.

I can’t stop life the ball is always rolling.

The game is live and shifting. And I’m shifting with it.

I mean to add on to that. I hate being so distant from the ones I love.

I hate being with the ones I love knowing that they won’t be around forever or I can’t be around forever.

Guess you could consider me a bit possessive.

And I’m sad for the…

Rodney Gainous Jr

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