Episode #1 Introductions and Product Talk


In this first Puricode episode, we start off by introducing different team members, and their diverse backgrounds and experiences. This episode starts off with the Puricode members discussing the importance of communicating ideas, and how it leads to a more interesting product. Team members also quiz Marc Brown who has come out with his first product, a scheduling app and provide suggestions to better the same. Preston also talks about his product, a debate app and its various applications. We also discuss how mobility has evolved over the years, and what the future holds with the advent of AI. Tune-in and listen to this very interesting conversation that throws light on how AI is majorly affecting different walks of life.

Show Notes:

  • 01:54 — Jordan introduces himself; a writer, soon-to-be developer who is working on SWIFT
  • 02:25 — Preston, the next Puricode member is a software engineer in making
  • 02:48 — Interested in creating video games; open to creating other products as well
  • 03:20 — Brings a lot of new ideas to the table, and wishes to build new products via collaboration with other Puricode members
  • 04:09 — Drake introduces himself
  • 04:29 — Always interested in hosting a podcast, Drake wishes to discuss the latest happenings in the world of Science, Technology, Physics and Maths
  • 05:20 — Communicating ideas from different areas always builds a more interesting and diverse product
  • 05:39 — Talking to people from different nationalities helps you understand the core value that you wish to imbibe in your product
  • 06:26 — Drake is planning on coming up with a document where the craziest questions are posted; asking “why” is the car that helps you build your product
  • 07:04 — AirBnb is a company that has managed to stay true to its core values
  • 07:36 — Have handled the pressure of reviewing and rating a house really we
  • 08:10 — Drake will attempt to answer the questions in the collaboration document; the ones he cannot answer are the ones that need to be focused upon
  • 09:40 — Puricode members quiz their first guest, Marc Brown on the successes and failures that he experienced with his first product
  • 10:15 — Did not plan to design the app in great detail; studied multiple platforms to zero in on the final design
  • 11:01 — Had a great experience working with his business partner, Mark; benefited from learning frameworks and SWIFT algorithms from Mark
  • 11:55 — Drake also attests to the fact that peer programming is really helpful
  • 12:30 — When you are new to something, it is best to surround yourself with people who are better than you
  • 13:21 — Marc’s App, Let’s Link Up allow you to schedule your day through the iMessage App
  • 13:56 — Marc experienced difficulty while collaborating with his partner; came up with the idea of collaborating via iMessage
  • 14:19 — App lets you fill out a timetable and see a confirmation page
  • 14:54–12 to 13 different updates coming up soon
  • 15:30–50 plus downloads in the first few days
  • 16:01 — Drake recommends that Marc draws inspiration from Meetingbird, a tool that permits scheduling from Gmail
  • 17:36 — Clients include Shopify, Yelp, Y Combinator, Uber and WeWork
  • 18:08 — Need to COMPETE and take Links to the next level
  • 19:50 — Preston talks about his new product and the problem that it solves
  • 20:01 — Chime in is a debate App; unlike Twitter, Chime In eliminates fake news since it allows users to debate
  • 21:18 — Breaks down the argument for both sides so that the truth can finally emerge
  • 21:37 — App fixes social barriers between races and religions
  • 20:08 — Technology is fast being adopted by children who do not understand it
  • 20:16 — Need to break the barrier by introducing technology early on; education is the foundation through which we can do this
  • 21:53 — A possible use case is the school debate team; fun way to hone your debating skills
  • 23:22 — Most of the times, even professionals have little idea what they are doing in the initial stages of building a product; ask questions, hire people who ask questions and attempt to find the right ANSWERS
  • 25:19 — Consider asking yourself this question, “What do you believe that people will not agree with you on?”
  • 26:02 — Drake wonders, “Why can’t we make ourselves invisible right now?”; planning on adding this question to the collaboration document
  • 26:21 — A child’s mind has no limits and is free to think beyond what we already know
  • 27:27 — The state of Michigan is discouraging Tesla from selling their cars within the state; they are delaying the inevitable
  • 27:46 — Eventually all cars will be electric
  • 27:58 — Volvo is planning on making on electric cars by 2020
  • 28:37 — Ford just opened up an office in Palo Alto focused on next generation mobility
  • 25:22 — Understanding how sound works will enable you to determine how a bot and AI can be trained
  • 29:04 — Chariot, a app providing shadow service lets you get on a pre-defined route; Ford acquired them for $60 million
  • 30:10 — Ford is planning on venturing into drones too; they realize the need to move away from traditional markets
  • 31:14 — “What is the one thing that you believe people with disagree with?”
  • 31:22 — Drake says that there is a need to make the next generation understand the importance of engineering, science and math
  • 32:07 — Preston says that there are many people who have lost all hope in life; personalized self-care coupled with AI will help address their problems
  • 34:36 — Drake is advising a girl who is building a company that uses AI for self-medication; using AI, the specific amount of medicine needed from the inhaler can be figured out
  • 37:10 — “How do you stay sane in a world that that you know is not real and immerse yourself in it more and more?”
  • 38:49 — “How can you have people more open to AI?”
  • 39:13 — There are many reasons for which people are fearful of AI
  • 39:44 — People need to be shown that AI is being used in different verticals already; it is inevitable

Key Points:

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